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Our brake pads are very aggressive. These pads bite substantially harder and make a real noticeable difference in stopping power compared to your OEM pads. These also run much cooler than your OEM pads in most cases completely eliminating brake fade. Our pads are similar to EBC 'yellow stuff' brake pads. They are hard, last a long time, bite extremely hard and run cool. This is tough on rotors which is why we offer our special rotors that will last years with these pads. We recommend that these be used with our brake rotors. Our rotors are our special heat treated stainless steel that are made to last with our pads extra bite. For maximum bite our pads and rotors need to both be new and burnished/broken in together.

Our 30 day guarantee:
If you purchase our pads and rotors from us and do not feel like your brakes are working at least 20% better send them back within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. guarantee. (see below for more info)