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Infinitely adjustable air spring
-MAIN Air Chamber (ride height)
-EVOL Air Chamber (bottom-out/roll control)
-Wide-range rebound adjustment
-Dual-Speed Compression (DSC) adjustment

-Genuine Kashima Coat
-Samurai Sealing System (SSS)
-EVOL Air Technology
-Aerospace-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings
-High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
-Chrome silicone negative spring
-Fully rebuildable and revalveable

**Please use comments box during checkout and let us know your weight with gear on and what brand a-arms you have as well as standard or long travel length and the type of riding you will be doing. We will use this info to set your shocks up for you. These are made custom to your specs and typically take 1-2 weeks.

Alba take: The Fox float line are our are favorite shocks. They weigh about 1/2 of the competetion which greatly reduces un sprung weight. The Floats are very forgiving and easily adjusted. To sum it up they just work good. With years of feedback from racers and our customers we confidently believe these are the best shocks available.

DSC Dual speed compression:
With DSC, you can adjust the shock's high and low-speed compression damping by simply turning the external adjusters. DSC allows you to maximize small bump compliance and traction while still having the extra damping required for big hits.
The Low Speed Compression (LSC) adjuster primarily affects compression damping during slow suspension movements such as G-outs or smooth jump landings. It also affects wheel traction and the harshness or plushness of the vehicle (note that low-speed has nothing to do with the speed of the vehicle). Choose an LSC setting that gives good body control without causing excessive harshness or loss of traction.
The High Speed Compression (HSC) adjuster mainly affects compression damping during medium to fast suspension movements such as steep jump faces, harsh flat landings and aggressive whoops. The goal is to run as little high-speed compression damping as possible without bottoming.

Rebound Damping:
The rebound knob allows you to tune the damping rate on the extension stroke in order to optimize control in all conditions. Rebound damping controls the rate at which the shock returns after it has been compressed. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions.

A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back or feeling bouncy. For slower rebound, turn the rebound adjuster knob clockwise. For faster rebound, turn the rebound adjuster knob counter-clockwise.

Kashima coat:
Factory Series genuine Kashima Coat is standard issue on the FOX FLOAT 3 product line. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes - properties that provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability. Developed by the Miyaki Company of Japan, Kashima Coat offers superior durability, hardness, and less friction. Factory Athletes who have raced and ridden with Kashima Coat-treated FOX suspension have reported better overall traction and small bump compliance, and the significant decrease in friction has proven to give riders a tangible increase in suspension performance.

No springs attached:
FLOAT stands for FOX Load Optimized Air Technology; our unique and patented FLOAT air springs offer the perfect adjustable spring rate synergy to our refined, oil damped performance. The spring rate is controlled by air pressure in the main body. Air pressure is infinitely adjustable anywhere from 50 PSI to 300 PSI, making the FLOAT the most progressive and adjustable air shock on the market — zero tools are necessary to change plushness. Depending on the application, air shocks can offer a number of distinct advantages over their coil spring counterparts. While single rate coil springs offer a linear curve that can work extremely well when used in conjunction with today's advanced linkage designs, air springs give a progressive spring rate, offer infinite adjustability, and can provide significant weight savings (up to 6 lbs.)

EVOL Air Chamber:
The infinitely adjustable pressure setting in the extra volume (EVOL) air chamber regulates spring rate in the final portion of the stroke and controls the bottom-out characteristics of the shock. Increasing air pressure in the EVOL air chamber will give a more progressive spring curve to protect against harsh bottom-outs. Decreasing air pressure will provide a more linear curve to maximize usable travel. When combined with the infinite adjustability of the main air spring, the EVOL air chamber allows the shock's spring curve to be tuned for any conceivable rider weight and/or terrain condition. The pressure in the EVOL air chamber is adjusted to control the bottom-out characteristics of the shock. Adjusting this pressure is similar to changing the main spring on a coil over shock.