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Hinged Windshield +2-inch Commander

Hinged Windshield +2-inch Commander

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      The Tusk UTV windshield is a perfect addition to your side-by-side. This folding UTV windshield gives you the best of both worlds. You can have the hinged windshield in the up position to keep most of the wind and elements away, or put the UTV windshield down for complete unrestricted vision and maximum airflow. When looking for value in UTV parts, think of Tusk for all of your side-by-side parts.
      • Hinged or pivoting design.
      • 2 inches taller than standard half windshield.
      • Lays nearly flat on hood in "down" position.
      • Durable aluminum hardware.
      • Made from Polycarbonate.
      • This part number fits the following vehicles:
      • CAN-AM Commander 1000 2011–2014
      • CAN-AM Commander 1000 DPS 2014–2017
      • CAN-AM Commander 1000 X 2011–2013
      • CAN-AM Commander 1000 XT 2011–2017
      • CAN-AM Commander 1000 XT-P 2014–2016
      • CAN-AM Commander 800R 2011–2017
      • CAN-AM Commander 800R DPS 2014–2017
      • CAN-AM Commander 800R XT 2011–2016