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M1 Neoprene Mask

M1 Neoprene Mask

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The M1 Mossy Oak mask is unique to the M1 line. With the ability to house two different types of filters, the M1 Mossy Oak mask is a dual purpose mask. This mask is compatible with both the standard filter for supreme air filtration, as well as the scentless filter which is used for hunting.  The F1 Scentless Filter is designed to filter out the scent of your breath while on the hunt, essentially making you invisible to your prey. Filter changing is easy, so you can quickly go from one use to the other.

  • Neoprene mask with replaceable filter inserts
  • Mossy Oak® patterns
  • Dual One-Way Valves reduce moisture inside mask
  • Comfortable 360 degree fit
  • Includes 2 Replaceable 99.9% Active Carbon Filters  
  • Anti fog nosepiece system 
  • Filters Tested at Nelson Laboratories, USA  


Find Your Size:

To choose the right RZ Mask size, measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

  • Small (Youth) 3.5'' - 4''
  • Large (Regular) 4'' - 4.5''
  • Extra Large 4.5'' - 5.5''