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Swamp Shield

Swamp Shield

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Nothing like it in the industry! This protective coating goes on one time for 4-6 months of protection of your machine. Dries to a super slippery finish that has no residue left behind. Stop applying silicone based products that wash off after every use and leave an oily film that attracts dust and transfers to your hands and clothes on contact!


-Restores faded black plastics

-Leaves a glossy finish that is dry, hard, super slippery and repels water, dust, and mud

-Makes cleanup super fast and easy. No need for soaps, chemicals, scrubbing, or pressure washing in many cases. Simply hose off your machine and towel dry for a sparkling clean, freshly polished looking finish

-No need to reapply every time you wash

-UV and static resistant

-Temperature resistant to 600+ degrees

-Safe for all surfaces of your ATV or SXS. Plastics, decals, metal, paint, powdercoat, engine, radiator, electrical, etc.

-Excellent for windshields, headlights and tail lights to keep visibility and safety at it's best while riding

-No oily film or residue left behind. Cures like a clear coat and is as slick as ice once dried.

-Coating is a 3D structure and assembly of Military Grade polymers and bonding agents of the best quality currently available on a market.

-Leaves a shiny, freshly polished finish after washing.

-Every bottle comes wtih 2 microfiber towels

-Better for the environment since you don't need harsh chemicals and degreasers to clean your machine


We have listened to the consumer response and reformulated things a bit to better fit your needs. We have updated the formula to make application easier and build faster. Eliminating the need for the super concentrated formula and lowering the price! Simply spray on, wipe in, let haze and buff to a super slippery surface that restores faded plastics and keeps them looking new for years to come. Guaranteed to be the best protection you can put on your ATV, SXS, Motorcycle, and almost anything else you can think of!