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YXZ1000r / YXZ1000ss Featherweight Flywheel

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-Lighter weight and decreased diameter for even more response.
-Snappier throttle response.
-CNC machined from billet blanks.
-Lets engine rev quicker.
-Great for aggressive drivers.
-Easy bolt in installation.
-Anodized black to prevent corrosion.
-This does give up a bit of low speed driveability.
-Uses OEM bolts
-Made in the USA
We also offer a combo price if you would like to try both our Heavy Hitter and Feather Weight fly wheels! Many of our customers and racers purchase both and will change between the heavy and light depending on where they are riding/racing. The Heavy Hitter really helps with slow speed drive-ability (Rocks,hills and tight trails) while the light weight helps in build fast rpm in higher speed riding.