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YXZ1000r / YXZ1000SS SBD "Silent But Deadly" Exhaust System

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Alba Racing Silent But Deadly Exhaust System.
Looking to increase the power of your Yamaha YXZ1000R/SS but don't want the added noise of an aftermarket exhaust? Alba Racing has your answer! After countless hours on the dyno testing different header configurations and end cap styles we have come up with the ultimate Silent But Deadly(SBD) exhaust package! This kit makes an additional over stock with only a 4db increase in noise level at any given RPM. At the upper rpm's this system is nearly 20db quieter than most full system exhaust. This is barely louder than stock.
-Huge increase in HP.
-Huge increase in Torque.
-Minimal 3-4db increase in noise at any rpm.
-Alba Racing Tuned Header
-Alba Racing Max Flow Spark Arrestor
**Optional Alba Racing Tuned ECU (Ecu flash is needed to run this)
**Not for sale or use in California. (For more information read below)
**For offroad race use only. (For more information read below)